Friday, January 28, 2005

Ann Sexton - You're Gonna Miss me

We start things off with some sublime, heavily soulful sisterfunk.

Ms. Sexton is probably best known for the absolute classic "You're Losing Me", which makes up the tough flip for this fine 45 on John Richbourg’s 77 label - one of those songs that now matter how much you've heard it still makes like you've got a glass jaw, and smacks you down hard. It's an evergreen, beloved by hiphop fraternity, funkheads and soul collectors.

So, why the flip ? Because we're perverse. And because there's little point in educating the educated. And because sometimes we've all made the mistake when we've depended upon one side of a 45, that we quite forgot to turn it over. And also because I for purely completist reasons, picked this up in the US as a promo same-sider, one mono, one stereo. Which is only slightly interesting.

Recently this way more mellow flipside has never been far from my turntable. We're in near-gospel territory, belying her South Carolina roots in the church, probably recorded in Nashville.

Other classics include the Northern Soul classic "You've Been Gone Too Long", "Colour My World Blue".Seems like those bright chaps at Soul Brother have a fine compilation for you, over here.

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