Friday, February 10, 2006

Monkeyfunk : The Warmup album

All Gone

Thanks for your patience. Thought I'd try a little something for you, it's a warmup CD I did for a friend. Easy, langurous soul, a bit of lazy jazz, and some other aural goodness.

In order to stave off bandwidth detonation, it's on a first come first served basis, so help yourself. Feedback is important on this, as i'll only do this again if you all want it, so let me know.

Enjoy. And oh, I put the wrong version of "Sneaking Up on You" on - it should have been Elaine Delmar's.


Yogi's Warrior said...

Brilliant mix.

Anonymous said...


just listening to the mix.
Very nice indeed.


spike torchland said...

Thanks Monkeyfunk!

modig8 said...

really great mix. DEFINITELY worth doing again!

modig8 said...

i managed to download the CD on monday before you pulled it down. thanks for the tunes; great mix! you should definitely consider doing it again.

joshua said...

hey man -
this looks like a great mix.
have i totally missed it?
any chance you can post it once more?
or maybe you'd like to trade for a nice soul/funk mix of my own.

Anonymous said...

Um, could you please please put that back online?

It would mean a lot to those of us starving in the dessert.

And the kids. Think of the kids.

We beg you.

Anonymous said...

i've tried posting a comment twice before about your mix cd, but for some reason they haven't seemed to go through. none-the-less, just wanted to say thanks for the awesome mix and DEFINITELY do something like this agin in the near future!

L'imaginaire said...

Excellent stuff, I would like more of it...