Monday, March 06, 2006

The Next Installment : Monkeyfunk March compilation

All Gone
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Thanks for all your comments, and notes on both the quality of the music, and of the sound. Duly noted.

So here's some psych, french pop, R&B, soul, and other bits and pieces...bundled into over an hour long mix, 192 kbps MP3, with a few clips and spoken pieces bridging the gaps.

Again, my bandwidth is probably only as good as it lasts, so if in doubt, stream it, rather than downloading it.

Always appreciate the feedback, so pass 'em on.

jacques dutronc - le responsable
chris farlowe - moaning
kaleidoscope - lie to me
rosco gordon (with dewey phillips intro) - booted
baby ray - there's something on your mind
fats domino - if you don't know what love is
wynonie harris - lovin' machine
happyland singers - swingin' on the golden gate
little willie john - leave my kitten alone
ernie k. doe - gotta pack my bag
dale hawkins - tornado
beverly pitts - up and down
george benson - footin' it
jj cale - let me do it to you
grant green - windjammer
jerry coombs band - i've been there
percy mayfield - louisiana
the apostles - six pack
radio city (feat.bajka) - the hop
veneice - 18 days
blues busters & byron lee - i won't let you go
lucille borden - a tribute to the men of the sixties
chick carbo - two tables away
crescents - come back baby
champion jack dupree - strollin
carl dawkins - satisfaction
junior parker - tomorrow never knows
the revells - midnight stroll
toussaint mccall (with wolfman jack outro) - nothing takes the place of you


Anonymous said...

Hello Hugo,

thanks for that mix! Still need to have a listen but tracklist looks very interesting.
Looking forward especially for "the hop" track as the recent Jazzman45 with Bajka was brilliant.

Thanks for sharing.


Garrincha said...

Liked it ! I'm french and I digged the intro !

zaibatsu said...

Hi. I'm devasted - just found out about this site and seem to have come rather late to the party!is there any way this excellent mix might be re-uploaded anywhere. i would be EXTREMELY interested in hearing it. thanks in advance