Saturday, May 31, 2008

under the influence mix, may 2008

I've set up a monthly mixtape over at my new blog, ultra-colour.

This is a little sidestep away from posting up individual tracks which I found a little wearing, and also because I'm hooked on long-players at the moment. In these distracted times, and in the iTunes zeitgeist, bitty individual songs are littered everywhere, and I for one really miss the structure and discipline of mixes and albums. I'll still post up occasional tracks here though.

here's the first mix of hopefully many - good for your sunday morning : some gospel, folk, jazz, psyche and a little rocksteady. tracklisting to follow.

click the links below to download.

mp3 file

stuffit file
105mb, will download straight to your computer, but you'll need the latest stuffit to here for windows free expander and here for mac

feedback is everything !

Friday, December 21, 2007

Jimmy Reed - Christmas Present Blues

Well, a little seasonal sign off by the mighty Jimmy Reed for you, the incomparable and utterly shitfaced flip of his tough blues, "Crying Blind".

Happy Christmas all.

I've got a little compilation waiting in the wings for 2008, plus a Jazz collection, and some really heavy jump blues that is currently causing a redhot dancefloor down here.

Jimmy Reed - Christmas Present Blues mp3

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Still Listening ?

An enforced absence due to some heavy work, but we're almost back...Thankyou for your patience, and the charming emails asking for some more.

Post up a note if you want early notification of a couple of new mixes we're prepping up - because one they're gone, they're gone. or drop me a line - h u g o at m o n k e y f u n k d o t n e t

Incidentally, what do you reckon about me putting up a mix once a month instead of a track once a week ? Good, bad, indifferent ?

Sunday, December 31, 2006


James Brown - World mp3

The devil now really has got all the best tunes.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Happy Christmas

Monkeyfunk Winter Mix mp3

Album Cover PDF

A little mix designed for the long Christmas drive...Happy Christmas, safe journey.

If you like it, I'd appreciate it if you could sling a few dollars or pounds into this paypal account :

It's a paypal fund for the family of Gloucester-based funk and soul DJ and fan, Simon Bendle who was tragically murdered a week ago.


Friday, September 08, 2006

Blog Roll (of Honour)

It's been awhile since I let you know who I tune into. Blogs come and go so fast, sometimes it's hard to know who's left, or for that matter who you're missing. Apologies therefore to those I've left out.

Let's start with the grandaddy's, the hardest working people out there, who certainly influenced me to set this up. These three rule supreme :

Soul Sides : Oliver Wang continues an extraordinary run that for many years has been the benchmark for music bloggers everywhere : great music, tight liner notes, sharp contributors, and ever-regular posting. Chasing top soul and fine hiphop, we wish him well for his recent move across the West Coast, and would still like to prise the Mary Lou 45 out of his hands.

Funky 16 Corners : Larry Grogan knows music. If you put him and Martin Soulgeneration together in a room armed with a bunch of their New Orleans 45's, then my friend you would have a ton of knowledge...

Home Of The Groove : ...and if you added Dan Phillips, then you would have one hell of a party. Again, favouring that supertough New Orleans R&B sound, Dan's blog continues to open ears with killer sounds.

Moving to a more diverse sound, these bloggers continue to surprise :

Number One Songs In Heaven : Lee's dual interests of music and design come together in one of the prettiest of blogs, and always has an interesting range of musical styles. Plus he's a Chelsea boy.

Aurgasm : Paul Irish brings us "your favourite music you've never heard" - a mix of everything from popcorn soul, edgy electronica, Norwegian folk, French pop. Prepare to be surprised.

Freemotion Hiphop : Oustanding hiphop blog, and again scores major points on looks, let alone sounds. Currently thinking about chucking it all in, head over, and try to convince them otherwise.

Earfuzz : A fine example of a collective of conbtributors making a blog work - not only do you hear the most diverse of sounds, but also ensures the blog's survival. Heads up for the hard workers, Maru, Junior, Matt W, Still Life et al.

Diddywah : Adam has killer taste in music, tracing strong 60's rock and soul, including fellow postee Tim Rose. So good you can even forgive his recent diversion into Yacht Rock.

Funk & Soul : A label scan, the track , maybe a cursory comment from contributors Pete Beaver, Nick Cope, Euan Fryer, Brent Goodsell & Others. But with music this good, and often rare, you should be grateful for scraps.

The Of Mirror Eye : Currently hosting some wonderful gospel funk from Numero Group's recent releases, and has a keen ear for some leftfield soul, jazz and psyche. One to watch.

Soul Shower : AK's blog maybe veers a little close to the mainline for me, but there's some good knowledge and sounds being dropped here.

The B Side : Red Kelly's blog is all about the flip, charting the best flips of the greatest records, and favouring more of that soul and funk we love, including recent posts on Barbara George, The Meters, Charles Brimmer and the mighty Bennie Spellman. Great concept, great music, terrible banner.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Thanks all

...For your generous comments both on this blog and privately re. the summer comp. Glad it hit the spot, and full respect to The Singleman Affair who have garnered many intrigued customers, and who's forthcoming album promises great things, if you're a fan of that fuzzy acoustic Tim Hardin soaked sound.

I'm out for a few weeks : a rough, torrid summer that has seen my father go into intensive care, and thankfully re-emerge has meant less posts for you lucky people. Meantime, you might want to head to Moistworks, who have posted consistently interesting tracks for many a year now, not least Miriam Makeba's heavyweight Quit It.

See you in a fortnight. Meantime this is what the last of my summer will sound like.

1. Quit It - Miriam Makeba
2. An Earthquakes Coming - Black Velvet
3. Head And Heart John Martyn
4. Sirata Habib Koite
5. In The Name Of Love Kenny Rankin
6. No Expectations The Rolling Stones
7. Helpless Buffy Sainte-Marie
8. Didn't I Darondo
9. Midnight Confessions Phyllis Dillon
10. 10. Jitterbug Waltz Dizzy Gillespie
11. Reasons Minnie Ripperton
12. Decatur, Or, Round Of Applause For Your Stepmother! Sufjan Stevens
13. Eyelids in Light The Singleman Affair
14. The Lamb Ran Away With the Crown Judee Sill
15. The One I Love Ken Boothe
16. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right [Demo-Version] Bob Dylan
17. Jewel of the Evening Kelley Stoltz
18. Sinner Man Annette Clarke
19. The Queen's Suite: The Single Petal of a Rose Duke Ellington & His Orchestra
20. Moonshiner -Tim Hardin