Saturday, May 31, 2008

under the influence mix, may 2008

I've set up a monthly mixtape over at my new blog, ultra-colour.

This is a little sidestep away from posting up individual tracks which I found a little wearing, and also because I'm hooked on long-players at the moment. In these distracted times, and in the iTunes zeitgeist, bitty individual songs are littered everywhere, and I for one really miss the structure and discipline of mixes and albums. I'll still post up occasional tracks here though.

here's the first mix of hopefully many - good for your sunday morning : some gospel, folk, jazz, psyche and a little rocksteady. tracklisting to follow.

click the links below to download.

mp3 file

stuffit file
105mb, will download straight to your computer, but you'll need the latest stuffit to here for windows free expander and here for mac

feedback is everything !

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