Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Buddy Miles - Train

MP3 link removed

If acid-rinsed bluesfunk with a side order of solid rock is to your taste, then sup it up.

Buddy Miles has drummed for Wilson Pickett, Otis Redding, formed the Band of Gypsies with Jimi Hendrix (and played with him at Monterey), wrote "Them Changes", played with Funkadelic, The Electric Flag, Muddy Waters, Santana, Stevie Wonder, Bowie..the list goes on. And on.

This starts with a solid drum break, tripped out vocal samples, supertight horns, and a snarling wah wah. And that's all before the vocal starts.

You should be able to pick this up for $10 or so on the Mercury label, but I'd recommend taking a potshot on one of his albums, or a best of CD if you're that way inclined...


Buddy Miles' Website