Thursday, July 14, 2005

Sweet Hiss of Summer Sprinklers No.1 : Eddie Kendricks & Rock Hudson

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Rock Hudson - Hell Is Not Place Safe

Over at Soul Sides, blog meister Oliver Wang is riffing on summer songs, and since we're currently sweating in the London haze of a hot July, seems about time I let you in on some of ours.

Eddie Kendricks was the sublime tenor at the heart of The Temptations, before he struck out on his own. Releasing the bargain bucket barefaced stomp of Keep On Truckin' would be plenty for me, but try this : If You Let Me starts out with a simple three chord piano riff (here beautifully stretched by monkeyfunk favourite Paul Nice on his Soul On The Grill mixtape), before latching into a slice of soaring sweet soul. Just beautiful.

Sampling the same piano riff as it's jump off, here's Chilean downtempo outfit Rock Hudson's excellent "Hell Is No Place Safe". Pedro, their producer and DJ recently contacted me about some live dates, and while we don't have any place for live music (yet), hopefully somebody might. They're in London in early August, and maybe I can update this with some more info about dates in Europe. Last month, they received the Winner Awards of Diesel-U-Music Contest 2005 at Italy, and played at Milan with StereoMC’s, Kevin Yost & DJ Spinna. Expect great things..

Rock Hudson's Website

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