Sunday, October 09, 2005

Donny Hathaway - I Believe To My Soul

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The album "Everything Is Everything" by Donny Hathaway is one contentious album : those who have it, treasure it, and get fairly righteous on those that don't.

It's a $7 album, you can score it easily, and many have, simply to own the soulful conciousness, and utter groove of "The Ghetto". But every track, and I mean every, is a stonecold bonafide beauty. It was hard fidgeting over which to pick, and I've chosen "I believe", as it captures the...

...ahh fuckit. Have two. I can't leave either of them off. Just do me a favour - snap up the album, and everything you can find by this prodigious talent.

Donny Hathaway - Voices Inside (Everything is Everything) mp3

Two facts : King Curtis tried to poach Hathaway for his crack session band over at Atlantic, that he was assembling to back Aretha and everybody else ; Hathaway turned him down to maintain focus on his solo output.

And on January the 13th, 1979, Hathaway carefully removed the pane of glass from his window, and jumped. He was 33.


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The Graduate said...

Monkey, just thought that you should get some plaudits for the post. It's articulate, heartfelt and convincing. Am on Amazon now browsing the Hathaway CD output. You're doing good work.

The Graduate

Rob Formica said...

You've made me a believer to this soul, that's for sure. Okay, that was bad. But what great tracks - I am putting this on the top of my vinyl list. I find a lot of good stuff on various mp3 blogs but not too much hits you like this. I think Soul Shower did a post on Larry Saunders that was a similar revalation. Wow. Thanks -
BTW, if you could see fit to link to my mp3 blog, Exile On Hicks Street, that would be very much appreciated - it's not so much soul (I'm still learning) as a fairly diverse mix of stuff.

Bella_by_Barlight said...

I love it, thank you for your blog! I've book-marked you. I had heard of Donny Hathaway, but that's about it. I love your music choices and I'm going to be looking into more Donny Hathaway too!