Friday, October 28, 2005

The Three Degrees - You're The Fool

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Time to get some more of that sweet Sisterfunk. The term was coined by the venerable Ian Wright, scourge of Essex, and evil sniper-supreme of eBay, on his excellent eponymous compilation from a few years ago.Unavailable now, but worth scouring for, not least for the fact that it has the unbelievable rare "Chauffeur" by Monica.

This I don't think was on the comp, but it deserves to be on the sequel. The Three Degrees' "You're The Fool"is a masterpiece. Sassy attitude, heaps of front, killer harmonies, backed by sharp horns, underpinned by one giant bassline...

All together now..."HAH !"

Sheila Ferguson, one of the Three Degrees, and now resident in England, wrote a great cookbook, "Soul Food", available here

Rumours persist of a Sisterfunk 2 soon - lobby BBE intensively now


Red Kelly said...


MAN, great groove, bro!

believe it or not, we've had that cookbook over 10 years... many's the cornbread fried okra and black eyed peas we been cookin' up without realizin' it was THREE DEGREES soul on da plate!


Just Looking said...

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gino said...

WOW, one of my favorites ! THEEE LOVELYYY DEGREEZZZ, lead singing by Valerie Holiday ! She's an original member and still goin' strong together with Helen Scott, also an original member and Cindy Garrison (ahhh, since 1990...).

Their official website :

For videofootage of the group :

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